Vintage Ribbon Dream Catcher
Vintage Ribbon Dream Catcher

Vintage Ribbon Dream Catcher

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I found this ribbon second-hand and had just enough to wrap a 10-inch bamboo hoop. The beautiful turquoise, green and cream colors inspired me to create this dreamy look.

Perfect for a wedding, birthday or baby shower, this unique one-of-a-kind piece will inspire you to dream big always. 

I’m a whole-hearted, big-minded, goal-setting dreamer who believes if you can dream it, it will come true. As a sustainable artist, I want to inspire you to believe this too.

Carefully selected fabrics that have withstood the test of time, beautiful vintage colors and textures, allow the unique patterns and arrangement to soothe and inspire? Hang our dream catchers in your home and reflect on the dreams in your life.

Many of our fabrics are purchased secondhand, helping the environment, supporting a movement to repurpose and bringing beautiful designs back to life.

Our dream catchers are made in small batches and may vary slightly from the photograph. We are constantly cycling through beautiful fabrics and they are joyfully replaced with similar colors, patterns and textures.

Measurements: 10 inch hoop

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