My 100 Daughters of India Coloring Book

My 100 Daughters of India Coloring Book

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In 2013, after watching a documentary about the challenges many girls in India face, author and blogger Laura Lofgreen had a dream about a brown-skinned girl from India. When her 3 year-old daughter Eden, surprisingly, later began describing what sounded like same girl while referring to her as “my sister,” Laura knew that child  was more then just a dream, she was real?



"I want 100 sisters," Eden said one night.

"100 sisters," I replied and I took her in my arms as we hugged.  "That would mean I have 100 daughters," and my heart burst with love . . . 


The thought of having 100 daughters would not leave Laura’s mind. It was as if the little girl from her dream was her daughter. The more Laura thought about it, she concluded “Every girl is our daughter.” Can Laura and Eden sponsor 100 daughters of India? They have to do it, so their efforts have started.


Please help us sponsor 100 girl’s from India by giving to Rising Star Outreach.


 I’ve learned that one person who is willing to reach out can truly make a huge difference,” Becky Douglas, Founder of Rising Star Outreach.


Want to know more? Laura Lofgreen’s recently published memoir Starving Girl (available on Amazon) shares her story of fasting, prayer and helping the girls of India.



If I had 100 daughters 
- dedicated to the girls of India


If I had 100 daughters I’d build a large house with 100 bedrooms.

I’d have 100 beds covered with soft pink blankets.


Our day would start with a long prayer in which each of my 100 daughters would be blessed by name.

For breakfast, we would crack 100 eggs dipped with 100 pieces of warm bread and there would be French toast with syrup for all.


If I had 100 daughters, I would take the time each day to hold them near and whisper in the ear something special they had accomplished.

When singing the ABC’s, my daughters would sound like a large choir of scholarly angels.

I would keep a school list, ensuring each daughter was caught up on daily homework assignments before she was allowed to play.

I would keep 100 pounds of sugar in the pantry, thus ensuring 100 pink cotton candy desserts could be made when necessary.

Tickle time would be lengthy, ensuring each daughter received her allotted tickling.

At night when I read my daughters bedtime stories, I’d have 200 beautiful eyes staring back at me.


If I had 100 daughters, I would have 100 baths each equipped with strawberry-scented bubble bath.

I would have 100 hairbrushes and a cupboard full of hair bows and elastics.

I would paint 1000 fingernails and 1000 toenails when we played dress up. 


I would have 100 tutus hanging in the hall closet and 100 pairs of pink ballet slippers aligned.

In our home would be a large stage and in the afternoon we would have glamorous dance festivals.


Each year we would celebrate 100 birthdays.  Of course, we would employ a magician, cake maker and face painter.  A back room would be full of helium-filled balloons, ready to use at a moments notice.


If I had 100 daughters I would plant 100 rose bushes, each in their honor and every day I would pick a rose from each plant.  It would make a bouquet so rich and colorful, it would stand in a large vase atop the kitchen table.


If I had 100 daughters, I would hear the name “Momma” a thousand times a day. 


If I had 100 daughters they would anxiously be awaiting the arrival of another sister because even with 100 daughters, I would still want more.

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