My 100 Daughters Gold Hiranma Dream Catcher
My 100 Daughters Gold Hiranma Dream Catcher
My 100 Daughters Gold Hiranma Dream Catcher

My 100 Daughters Gold Hiranma Dream Catcher

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I have some big dreams, like sponsoring 100 girls from India with Rising Star Outreach. I had the privilege of illustrating 100 beautiful girls in the coloring book My 100 Daughters of India (available on Amazon) with proceeds going to help the 100 daughter fund with Rising Star. As I watch my own 9 year-old daughter Eden set goals and dream big, I can’t help but reflect on the dreams of the children of India who live in the leprosy colony? Life is not always easy for them, so what can I do to help? I started creating and designing dream catchers as a reflection of what’s possible.

What would a dream catcher for my 100 daughters of India look like? Gold – most would agree is the color of India. From their glowing skin color to sparkling jewels, gold is almost everywhere you look. Rare, valuable, resilient, beautiful – just like my girls.

I’m a whole-hearted, big-minded, goal-setting dreamer who believes if you can dream it, it will come true. As a sustainable artist who uses recycled materials, I want to inspire you to believe this too.

Carefully selected fabrics that have withstood the test of time, beautiful vintage colors and textures, allow the unique patterns and arrangement to soothe and inspire? Hang our dream catchers in your home or gift them to someone you love and reflect on the dreams in your life.

Many of our fabrics are purchased secondhand, helping the environment, supporting a movement to repurpose and bringing beautiful designs back to life. Each purchase gives to Rising Star Outreach to help the 100 daughters of India.

Our dream catchers are made in small batches and may vary slightly from the photograph. We are constantly cycling through beautiful fabrics and they are joyfully replaced with similar colors, patterns and textures.

Every purchase gives to Rising Star to help the daughters of India

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Comes in 6, 8 and 10 inch hoop