About Us

We all have dreams, some small, some big, some even seem impossible, but if your child dreams it, you find a way. 

This is the story of My 100 Daughters.

In 2014, my four-year old daughter Eden wished one night for “100 sisters,” and I felt a chill run through my body.

Why did she want 100 sisters?  To play with, of course and to love!  Eden had four older brothers and was the only little girl in our family.

At times I worried if she felt like she fit in. With four rowdy boys, was that even possible?  

She wanted to dance, dress-up, share bunk beds and more. 100 sisters would work just fine! But to me, my heart felt a pull.

A year earlier in 2013, I’d watched a documentary explaining the poverty, lack of education and discrimination many girls in India faced.

Since I'd finally had my first daughter (and the experience had completely changed my life,) I contemplated “What if these girls from India were my own daughters.?" The heart-breaking images would not leave my mind, so weeks later, as I researched India, I decided our family must adopt a girl from India. As I started the process, our family faced many challenges due to India's strict, even restrictive adoption policies. A year later, my husband Derek and I hopelessly concluded it just wasn't going to happenIn my mind, when Eden said “I want 100 sisters,” I instantly felt a connection to 100 daughters from India - the beautiful brown skin, the black hair, the deep, dark eyes - suddenly, every girl was my daughter, every girl as precious as Eden. 

But there’s more.

Around the same time, I’d had a dream about a little girl from India and I was mesmerized. There was an unexplainable connection. It was months later, Eden described seeing a little girl from India in her dreams, “My sister,” she’d said. At that moment we realized we had seen the same little girl.


I was unsettled. If we couldn't adopt from India, we had to do something else. I started researching nonprofits that help children in India and found Rising Star Outreach.

For $1.00 a day per child, our sponsorship helps several girls from a leprosy colony receive education, medical care, food and more, but it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t yet 100! I know we'll get there. Eden has 100 sisters we want to help and love.

I want Eden to know goals are worth fighting for and dreams come true. I want her to know we will help these girls, but what could her and I do together? As a blogger and author, my first instinct was to create a book to sell, illustrate these girls and raise awareness.

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In 2017, My 100 Daughters of India coloring book was published and money was raised, but more needed to be done.

Why dream catchers? Growing up in a large family where money was tight, at a young age, I developed a deep love for thrift stores. I didn't mind the hunt because every time I entered a thrift store, I always found something amazing. Why stop a good thing, so when I had my own kids I depended on secondhand items to keep my family looking good. I discovered vintage fabrics, and once I saw my first handmade dream catcher, it was love at first sight. Eden and I set a goal to make 100 dream catchers, representing a dream for each one of her sisters.  People started asking if they were for sale and a business was born.

With a passion for entrepreneurship and experience in e-commerce, welcome to My 100 Daughters , where we share the dreams, vision and inspiration to continue in our efforts to sponsor 100 girls from India. With every purchase, 10% of proceeds go to Rising Star Outreach. Eden and I say thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

    And to make a great story even more amazing, two more children have been added to our family. Our son Canyon was born May 2015.

 I'm not one to give up easily, so in September 2018, I had my last child, a little girl named Ruby. 

 Eden finally has a sister. Here they are, best friends January 2020!

Making dream catchers has been something Eden and I do together.

All of our dream catchers are beautiful named, as if they were our own daughters of India. Enjoy the meaning of each name, most Hindi, and let the beauty shine down on you like rays of sunshine.

With your purchase today, we will donate 10% of our profits to Rising Star Outreach. Thank you for supporting our business.

Click the link to watch our "how to make a dream catcher" video on youtube.