Rainbow Doily Manisha Wish Dream Catcher

Rainbow Doily Manisha Wish Dream Catcher

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The world would be very dull without color. Vibrant, bold color in our lives can increase productivity, improve brain performance and enhance our attention to detail, plus, it makes us feel good. Whether you’re happy, sad, excited or worried, colors help us stay in the present and see the world in all its beautiful elements.

A rainbow is a symbol of a new day and that the sun will break through and shine again. Eternal, free flowing, full of hope and promise, let the colors and textures inspire you to see the world with a fresh perspective, full of vibrance, color and opportunity.

Dream Catcher is 8 inches diameter, appx. 40 inches long. Fabrics may be trimmed with a pair of fabric scissors to desired length.

Enjoy the vibrant experience of this eclectic collection of bright colors and fabrics, each one added to your dream catcher for blessings and joy.

Carefully selected fabrics that have withstood the test of time, beautiful vintage colors and textures, allow the unique patterns and arrangement to soothe and inspire. Hang our dream catchers in your home and reflect on the dreams in your life.

Many of our fabrics are purchased secondhand, helping the environment, supporting a movement to repurpose and bringing beautiful designs back to life.

Our dream catchers are made in small batches and may vary slightly from the photograph. We are constantly cycling through beautiful fabrics and they are joyfully replaced with similar colors, patterns and textures.

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All of our dream catchers are named after girls of India in hopes to someday sponsor at least 100 daughters. With your purchase today, we will donate 10% to Rising Star Outreach. Thank you for supporting our business.

Click the link to watch our "how to make a dream catcher" video on youtube.