How To Make A Dream Catcher

How to make a dream catcher?


When I made my first dream catcher, I was taken back by how positive and creative the task was. First of all, I love learning something new. I’ve never worked with fabrics, weaving or stitching patterns, so this was brand new to me, but more importantly, the experience seemed to put me in a sort of emotional trance as I considered what it is I dream for. I’m very blessed with more then I could ever imagine, but still, I desire more – more freedom, more love, more opportunities to make an impact in the world, and so I dreamt of these things and felt the reality of my heart’s desire. An overwhelming feeling of hope came over me – “Anything is possible, just believe. Dream, yes dream as much and as big as you want. You can do it.”


I made my first dream catcher in October 2019. It wasn’t very pretty. I didn’t really know what I was doing, but the fabrics, lace, yarn and textures were so enticing and how the experience made me feel, I had to keep going. I made another, then more. I love shopping at secondhand thrift stores and browsed frequently, looking for vintage lace, unusual fabrics, textured yarns, scrap material, embroidery and macramé. I was in love with what I found.  I wanted to see this arrangement and that color scheme.

I wanted to make a variety of dream catchers in themes like vintage, bohemian, romantic and eclectic. I’ve collected such beautiful materials, my daughter Eden and I now have a dream catcher room where over 30plus dream catchers hang from the walls. Surrounded with this influence of love, hope and creativity - this is where your dream catcher or dream catcher kit is made.

I want others to believe in their dreams, feel the emotions of what's possible and experience the joy of creating this timeless heirloom that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.


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